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ELGEF Plus System & Spigot Fittings

Reliable non-corrosive connections using electrofusion to connect PE pipes provides a safe, systematic, economic and efficient installation for your piping system. The added value with the ELGEF Plus System is the modularity of the system.

The GF spigot fittings provide a natural extension to the ELGEF Plus electrofusion system. Proven technology with a broad and diversified range.

 GF Butt Fusion Machines - proven technology

A range of Butt Fusion machines providing suitable solutions for different applications, from manual to high-tech CNC machines, from on-site welding to workshop machines used to make segment-welded fittings. Working product range 40mm up to 1600mm.

MSA 2.1 Electrofusion Unit

These units encompass numerous features which support safety, speed and reliability. From automatic temperature compensation to a detailed fusion report, the machines work hand in hand with operator on the construction site. Barcode scanner as standard. Very compact and lightweight (11.9 Kg).